Welcome to Roflcopter Ink.

Roflcopter Ink is an independent games, apps and software development studio based in Munich, Germany. Thanks to over ten years of experience in conceptual and graphics design, illustration and programming, we are able to support our clients during every step of the development process.

What we are offering.

We are your reliable partner, whether your project requires native app development for iOS (Objective-C/Swift) and Android (JAVA/Kotlin), or cross platform solutions to support multiple operating systems with one single codebase. When it comes to cross platform development, we are mainly focusing on React Native (TypeScript/JavaScript) and Unity 3D (C#).

We can support our clients and partners throughout the entire development process of their games and apps, beginning with the concept and project requirements, design and programming, up to the final deployment on events, trade shows, or a public release on various platforms, like the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store or Google Play. Due to our extensive experience with the distinct eco systems from Apple and Google, we can help guide you through the pitfalls of their complex distribution processes.

About us.

For more than ten years, we have been successful in developing games and applications, focusing on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. During that time we were able to cover a broad spectrum of use cases, such as the development of augmented and virtual reality applications. We are constantly looking for new challenges and exciting projects.


Mobile Game (2D)

“Become a mime!”, they said.
“Riding a unicycle is easy!”, they said.

I don’t like them.

Apple “Game of the Day” in the US and over 100 countries worldwide.

Platforms: Android, iOS
Release date: 2021

Human Cannonball

Mobile Game (Pixel Art)

Human Cannonball is an endless platformer for Android and iOS.

Featured by Apple in “Best New Games” in 110 countries.

Platforms: Android, iOS
Release date: 2015

Federal Grant For Upcoming Project

We are proud and happy to announce, that we were able to secure a grant for our new games project (codename “Jetpacker”) by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. Let’s get to it then …

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App Store: Game of the Day

While adding the last finishing touches to our newest content update for Unimime — bringing 10 brand new levels and full controller support — we are excited to see that Unimime is Apple US’ Game of the Day for November 3rd 2021! We are truly stunned! Thank you. App Store Story: Unimime — Game of the …

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Google Play: October’s Highlights

While working on the next big update for our latest game Unimime, we are truly honored to be part of Google Play’s “October’s highlights”. Thank you and have fun playing! Download now for free:

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App Store: New Games We Love

It is no secret, that gaining any kind of visibility or traction in the fiercely contested mobile market, is no small feat. Unless, of course, you can call yourself lucky to be one of the big players with millions of marketing dollars to spend. Well, you might have guessed it: That, we are not. All …

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