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Native Development
Objective-C, Swift, C#, Java, Kotlin

Often it makes a lot of sense to use the native environment and language of a target system to develop your app. Having an environment that is always up to date with the current device operating system can be crucial when it comes to the introduction of new technologies. We can help you create your native app for iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone or Android.

Cross Platform
Unity 3D, React Native

Do you want to reach the largest audience with reduced effort of development? Especially when it comes to games, cross-platform development environments such as Unity 3D are powerful tools which can help you quickly publish for a variety of different platforms (including all of the major mobile systems). Whether cross-platform development makes sense for your projects should be evalutated on a case to case basis.


Do you need a cute character for your company newsletter? An illustration or animation to add life to your website? Or do you need game art for your upcoming desktop, mobile or web project? Let us know what style you are looking for or simply browse our gallery!

Concept and Design

Are you looking for someone who can help you design and concept your new app? Are you in need of someone to support you with your mobile, desktop or web game? We can help you from the very first draft to the final upload to the store.