Professor Doctor Jetpack Cover Image

Who doesn’t know that feeling? That desire to fly through an intricate cave system with gallons of highly explosive gasoline strapped to one’s back.

May we introduce: Professor Doctor Jetpack. A physics-based lunar lander game in which you embark on a dangerous journey … to control your jetpack. And of course to save the world.

In the mechanical successor to Unimime – Unicycle Madness, you once again take on the role of Billy Bob Danger, the daredevil hero from Human Cannonball. Maneuver your jetpack through a complex cave system of more than 80 hand-crafted levels and overcome deadly traps, enemies and powerful bosses that will put your flying skills to the ultimate test. But be careful, with all the dangers lurking within, you should never ignore the deadliest one: Gravity.

Professor Doctor Jetpack is set to release this summer on Steam (PC/Mac), Android and iOS. The release on consoles is planned for the fall of this year.

If you want to get a little taste of Professor Doctor Jetpack, you can look forward to the free demo, which will be released on Steam in June.

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