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Games Baked in Germany Steam Sale 2024

We are proud to be part of the Games Baked in Germany Steam Sale Event 2024. In celebration of the event, we are happy to share an exclusive preview demo of our new game with you, ahead of the full release this summer! We hope you enjoy it, as much as we do! And check …

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Announcement: Professor Doctor Jetpack – Summer 2024

Who doesn’t know that feeling? That desire to fly through an intricate cave system with gallons of highly explosive gasoline strapped to one’s back. May we introduce: Professor Doctor Jetpack. A physics-based lunar lander game in which you embark on a dangerous journey … to control your jetpack. And of course to save the world. …

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Google Play: October’s Highlights

While working on the next big update for our latest game Unimime, we are truly honored to be part of Google Play’s “October’s highlights”. Thank you and have fun playing! Download now for free:

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